DHD Surfboards - Summer Series Board Promo

" A little nostalgia with a modern day twist with the DHD TWIN FIN. If you are after a blend of smooth speed and manoeuvrability, then a twin fin setup is what you need "

Summer Board Promo video featuring Steph Gilmore

Original Song - "Night Sky" Reed Mathis

Filmed and Edited by Adam Cox ( Additional Surfing footage by Conrad Petzsch-Kunze )

First National Real Estate - Mudgeeraba

Property highlight videos to showcase Agent Shane Conlons listings for sale.

Filmed and Edited by Adam Cox

Trent & Lucia - Wedding Highlights

I had the pleasure of being invited to film the beautiful beachfront Wedding of Trent & Lucia.

Filmed at the Pacific Club Palm Beach on the Gold coast during Covid safe conditions.

Song - Dan + Shay (feat. Tori Kelly - Speechless)

Filmed and Edited by Adam Cox

Killing My Time - In Vancouver, Canada (BMX)

One of my favourite Personal projects to date from my time overseas, I had so much fun playing with the intro animation and titles

" Aside from many epic road trips through North America over the past near 2 years this is how I spent the rest of my time in Vancouver, Canada. Sadly we left earlier than hoped due to Corona but still stoked to be able to piece this video together and to be able to get back to Australia safe. I am So grateful to of called this place home and to have made many new amazing friends for life. We will be back Vancouver.... "

Filmed and Edited by Adam Cox (Some Additional footage filmed by close friends)

Wild America - National Parks Roadtrip

My first experience shooting with a Drone and what better way to test it out than through the beautiful countryside of America

" After moving to Vancouver last year we decided we wanted to travel through America in a bid to escape a good part of the Canadian winter weather. We originally planned to travel for about a month to South Carolina and back but it turned into nearly the full 90 days allowed with the USA Visa. Time went so quick as we approximately drove 14,500 kms over 18 States of America in which we've seen countless cities, Visited 10+ National Parks, Multiple State parks and a whole scale of contrasting weather conditions. "

National Parks Visited (Some not in the Video) : Arches, Badlands, Big Bend, Canyonland's, Everglades, Joshua Tree, Kings Canyon, Saguaro, Sequioa, Yosemite

Filmed and Edited by Adam Cox

Mmm! MmmCrw (BMX)

Made up from multipe after years filming from the regular weekend antics to out of town roadtrips and dress-up house party's. The Majority was Shot around the Gold Coast and Brisbane with additional trips to Melbourne and overseas. The Video features majority of the crew (In order of appearance) Chris Hocking, John Falconer, Julian Klimek, Juan Pablo Chavez, Edward Shawcross, Adam Cox, The party goers of Kirkland Avenue, Jason Petersen, Stephen Griffiths, Ben Lange, Zac Woods, Jason Lea, Jarrad Walters and Keahnu Doyle.

Long Live the memories of Kirkland Ave house and shout out to VB for aiding many great memories, Mmm!

Filmed and Edited by Adam Cox (Some Additional footage filmed by close friends)

This Video is my first experience shooting with a Super 8mm camera (First of many more i hope) filmed from the good times at Kirkland Ave.

I Love how this came out, the combination of the vintage quirkiness of the house with the timeless grainy film look.

Filmed on Kodak Vision3 50D super 8 stock with Next to no editing.

Developed and Processed by NanoLab, Melbourne

Filmed and Edited by Adam Cox

A video i put together of Shane Conlon The Loose Bmx Dad turn Real Estate agent for his Long time Bike sponsor "Standard Byke Co".

It started as filming a little something to celebrate his birthday in 2015 which then esculated with the building of his own backyard ramp 2016 and a few other trips. Sadly due to a couple of injuries a few ideas where left unfinished but either way we are both still stoked on the outcome, Enjoy!

Filmed around the Gold Coast and Brisbane, QLD

Song: Twisted Sister - We're Gonna make it

Filmed and Edited by Adam Cox